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I rummaged through my closet. It was a disaster. I had been tossing things in here all school year. My mom had been yelling at me to clean it up. Right about now, I wished I had listened to her.

I grabbed my backpack and slung it over my shoulder, nearly winging Phillip in the head. Actually, it was a pretty good toss considering he was over six-feet tall now.

“Watch out, Whizzy!”

“Sorry,” I replied while continuing to pull things from my closet. I found all sorts of things. My English paper about Edgar Allan Poe…it was due over a month ago. I never thought to look in the closet. Then, I discovered a half-eaten sandwich from like October.

“That is disgusting!” Phillip said. I thought I heard him gag just a bit.

“I know; it reminds me of you last summer, Phillip.” I held up the now green piece of bread.

“This is going to take forever, Whizzy. We need to go…now!” Phillip was so excited. I think he even started licking his lips like a frog after eating a fly.

“I know. I thought it was in here.”

“Are you sure?” Phillip asked. “I mean could it be somewhere else? I’ll go look if you just tell me where?”

“Ah, ha!” I interrupted as I pulled out a woody colored object.

“You found it!” Phillip croaked.

“Ah…no I think it’s an old hot dog.”

Phillip didn’t even respond right away. What do you say to someone who just found an old wiener in his closet?

“Whizzy. There is really something wrong with you.”

“Did you find it?” Rachel yelled as she burst into the room. Aevion the mouse sat on her shoulder. I didn’t think it was possible, but his eyes bulged out even more after seeing the disaster in my room.

“Are you referring to his wand or his wie…” Phillip began.

“Shut up, Phillip! Not funny,” I snapped, and then smiled as I finished the sentence in my head. It was funny. “I can’t remember where I put it. I thought I hid it in here to keep mom from finding it.”

“And you, apparently!” Phillip barked. He was becoming unusually cranky.

“You lost your wand?” Rachel was shocked. “How could you be so…so…?”

“Irresponsible?” Phillip added.

“Stupid?” Rachel finished.

“Look! Are you going to help me find my wand or not?”

We split up and continued searching my room. Phillip looked under my bed, Rachel bravely checked in my dresser drawers, and I continued to claw my way through the closet.

“Phillip!” Rachel called in an uncomfortable voice. “I need you to check this one!”

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s Whizzy’s underwear drawer.”

I started to laugh. I had finally reached the back of the closet. Sitting in the right corner was a white sock. “I got it!”

Phillip gave a sigh of relief that he wouldn’t have to search my underwear drawer.

Rachel and Phillip rushed to my side as I pulled the white sock out and held it up in the air.

“That’s a sock, Whizzy!” Rachel crassly remarked.

“Duh!” I simply replied. “I stashed my wand in the sock and hid it in the closet.

“Why?” My best friend asked.

“I really don’t remember why!” Quickly, I removed my wand and tossed the old dusty sock at Phillip. He attempted to dodge it, but the sock landed on his shoulder.

“Ah, Whizzy. Gross! It smells awful.” Phillip looked hilarious as he brushed it off his shoulder, and then attempted to smell himself to see if the stink rubbed off on him.

Rachel and I now both had our wands and we were ready to make the journey back to Mistasia. My sister held Aevion the mouse in her hand as we quietly moved through the hallway trying not to wake up our mom. Once we reached the basement I began to feel an excitement overtake me. My heart pumped so hard it felt like it was coming through my chest. I watched Rachel as she held Aevion in her hands and extended him close to the sliding glass door in our basement. It usually led outside into our backyard, but we all waited for it to once again lead us to Mistasia.

Aevion held a small mushroom in his hand. I hadn’t noticed it before. He crumbled it up and then tossed the tiny pieces against the glass door.

Just like it had last summer when Sorcerer LaCroiux’s evil snake had slammed its tail into the glass, the door magically changed into a swirling portal.

Rachel was the first to enter with Aevion held tightly in one hand and her wand in the other. She was swept inside and quickly disappeared.

Phillip didn’t hesitate for a moment. He was off directly behind Rachel.

I took a deep breath. It sounded like a drum was inside my head as my heart continued to pound. Gripping my wand tightly, I sprinted for the portal, leapt into the air and felt a gust of wind pull me in.

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